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Explore Kandy Cross' vibrant, soulful watercolors available for purchase as wall art, home decor, stationary, and more!


Kandy Cross I'm Kandy Cross, artist, painter, and CEO (Coastal Exploration Officer).

Thank you for stepping into my world of sun, sand, paradise, and exotic locales. I specialize in vibrant and soulful acrylic and watercolor paintings of the Caribbean and the Mediterranean. Please enjoy my paintings as you get to experience my travels and my views of our incredible world!

Through my work, I'm on a mission to provide beautiful, blissed out respite from the worries and concerns of an overbooked, overburdened, and stressed out lifestyle. I have been fortunate enough to live near the sea, visit many of the places on my bucket list, and paint within the Mediterranean and Caribbean-inspired areas visited across the globe.

My first career was as a teacher of art and art history for Virginia Beach public schools. Act two: artrepreneur with a gallery/local studio and passion for exploring water-based media. I also believe in giving back by donating a portion of the proceeds of my art sales to cancer organizations, the SPCA, and Alzheimers research.